Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas day treats...

Ok, so I think it's clear to say my 15 year old brother won the brat award this Christmas! He received the shiny new Iphone 5! In all honesty I think it's time he passes it over to me...what ever happened to hand me downs!! Surely he'd be happy with my 4GS?

Like that wasn't enough he also got a ticket to see Rihanna at Twickenham in June, dollars for his trip to New York next year, the list goes on! I can't believe he gets to experience New York before me, what am I doing so wrong?!

OH and more presents...

Ralph treats

BUT, I'll let him off, he is a cutie so he deserves to smell and look like a little Ralph Lauren model! Also it pays off having a fashionable bro...I forgot to purchase a Christmas Jumper so I've borrowed one of his cosy Fair Isle knits for the day (looks christmasy enough to me).

Fair Isle knit

Anyway, who am I to complain...look what I had waiting for me from SANTA! I obviously won him over last night with my festive brownies!!

A beautiful Burberry Gift! 
Burberry's gift wrapping is just too adorable. I therefore snapped away like I was some sort of paparazzi...

Thanks Mum & Dad x

My wrist is going to look so so pretty.

I'm in LOVE with my new bracelet.

My Sister did pretty well too, she now owns a beautiful pair of REGENT HUNTERS! The only thing missing is a dog! She has tried persuading Father by showing him Blake Lively's teddy dog...but unfortunately for her, he looked very unconvinced!  

If only I was a size 4!

I treated my sister to a christmas fishtail plait...

Fishtail plait

We've also got matching UGG slippers...my toes will never feel cold again!

Toasty toes...

And some very intellectual books...

My Babe Miranda...

In walks Nan with a cake box...my face lights up!

What is inside?!

For a second I thought I had a Boyfriend - 'To Kirst and Dan' the label read! I was then quick to remember I am still bofriendless and in actual fact the cake was for myself and my Sister's boyfriend. You might be thinking this is a little odd? All I was thinking was 'I know this is a scrumptious fruit cake'. My sister loathes fruit cake you see, so her loss really...

Christmas fruit cake!

Nan and John (my Grandad) understand my Dad's LOVE for fruit cake yet his weird dislike to marzipan and icing. Therefore they made him an icing free fruit cake...

When it comes to cake...my Nan can always cater for fussy eaters!

I instantly knew the cakes were overloaded with alcohol when my Grandad advised me to not eat and drive!!

Anyway... I need to get stuck into my Miranda Book and see how much more scrumptious food I can fit into this belly of mine! I think a post turkey dinner nap is also going to take place!

I wish you all a very MERRY Christmas and remember do NOT eat and drive after your Christmas fruit cakes...


Christmas Eve baking...

Hmmmmmmmmm what can I make with these cute candy canes I thought to myself...

Christmas CANDY...

Chocolate brownies sprung to my mind! I haven't indulged in a nice soggy brownie in a long time so BROWNIES IT WAS! You might be thinking why on earth would I need candy canes for brownies...well you just wait and see my friend!

To whip up my brownies I used the RECIPE from 
BBC Good Food titled 'Best-ever brownies' (they bloomin' well better be I said to myself). Like I mentioned before in a previous post, I believe baking is all about adding your own special twist - the 'norm' is just a tad boring for my liking!

With the Christmas tunes playing, the baking could commence...

A little bit of stirring...

And a little bit of adding...

And BOOM...as Jamie Oliver would say my bloomin' brilliant brownies were ready to remove from the oven! Excitement!

The recipe stated 'Cut into quarters, then cut each quarter into four squares and finally into triangles'. 

SO triangles it was...

Soggy brownie I craved...soggy brownie I got!

But NOT just any triangles!


Christmas tree brownies

Do not panic, I certainly didn't just make the one brownie! I kindly made plenty to go round...

Festive looking brownies

In walked my sister suggesting I should also make brownie presents...what a marvellous idea! After all, it is Christmas and we all love a good old present, don't we?

So I whacked out the bows and glitter and had great fun producing tasty little presents...

From me to you...a brownie gift!

Once again, I made plenty of the presents to go round, however at this point I was gagging for a chocie brownie and therefore missed out on the Kodak moment - many apologies!

If we deserve to eat tasty Christmas trees and presents, then so does Santa...

Ho Ho Ho

I hope Santa is a lover of brownies and presents just like myself!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Sunday, 23 December 2012

A festive London trip...

We were feeling a little peckish on our journey to London so we decided that a pit stop was needed. Not for petrol, for BURGERS! This was such a wise decision, the burgers went down a storm! 

My Sister's blue cheese and onion ring burger
Burger cravings?? If so, I urge you to get yourself down to Pitcher and piano! The chunky chips were amazing too, I've been daydreaming about them ever since!

With burger bellies we were back on the road...

Arriving in London I was a little snap happy (as usual) so here I'll treat you to a few of my favourite photos...



Oh Harrods I do LOVE you!
SO pretty!
beautiful window displays...
Vogue house looking festive...

It was time to check into St.Pancras Renaissance hotel (I wish) to start getting ready for our night out. We went to JALOUSE club in Mayfair. They have the BEST ceiling...look how pretty it is...

Shine bright like a diamond.

Everyone deserves a drink at Christmas!

Aimee, I, Mandie

Aimee is one of my bestest friends so I'm sure she will be popping up in lots of my posts. She's just like a Sister to myself and Carrie (who is my actual Sister).

Carrie & Aimee - my beautiful sisters!

We had a FAB night in Jalouse, it was one of the best nights I've had in a long time! At 5am we were feeling a tad peckish (when do we not) so we headed to VQ in Chelsea. VQ is open 24 hours a day...so if you happen to find yourself absolutely starving at crazy hours in the morning then this is the place to go!

The 24 hour life...

 Believe it or not Aimee and I resisted the burgers, we ordered the chicken club sandwich...talk about a carbacide day!

And this wasn't even to share, this plate was all for ME!

To accompany the club sarnies...

 The others opted for spaghetti with meatballs. Baring in mind it was now 6am, this seemed like a very odd choice if you ask me!

Wine & dine

I wish I had room for the buttermilk pancakes however I decided sleep sounded like the right thing to do.

I had to pop to A&E this morning for a quick xray! I managed to get glass in my foot and the cankle was on another level! Luckily my poor little fat foot is all ok, I'm just praying this swelling goes down. It's really not a good look!

A quick Nandos to fill our bellies (like we needed more food) then we were back on the road home.

'Driving home for Christmas with a thousand memories'

Oh and I couldn't say no to a few festive snacks to keep me occupied on the journey...

Twinkle Twinkle little bars...


Saturday, 22 December 2012

Today I'm wearing...

So I'm off to LoNdOn today and I'm rather excited as I haven't visited since the end of October. Believe it or not I have strangely missed the sweaty, claustrophobic tubes! With Christmas approaching in just a couple of days I can only imagine I will be getting pushed and shoved like there is no tomorrow (last minute shoppers please go easy on me). 

So despite the fact it's Winter I've decided to wear minimal layers - an attempt to reduce the hot flushes on the tube! 

Therefore...a tee it is! 

ASOS Peace/Love printed tee £11
My recent purchase...what an absolute bargain! At just £11 I simply couldn't resist! I'm sure the words 'LOVE' and 'PEACE' will help brighten plenty of moods throughout my day - especially the tense last minute shoppers! 

I'm a sucker for leggings! My matte wetlook ones are so comfortable you will rarely see me leave the house without them glued to my legs (they do get washed, I promise). So back on the wetlooks go...

TOPSHOP Panelled Matte Wetlook Leggings £22

I'm also a sucker for hats. When you place a beautiful hat on your head I feel it completes your look perfectly. Now, I fell in love with a couple of hats on ASOS but I found it rather challenging only adding one to my basket. I decided not to be greedy and go for the first one which caught my eye. We all love a bit of leather don't we? So into the basket the leather went. I will admit this is not my usual type of hat and perhaps my Rihanna obsession has gone a little bit too far? 

ASOS Leather cap £24

The question 'Are you a Gangsta' is probably the most common right now...you've got to trust me on this one, I'm not! I just LOVE leather, I LOVE hats so how could I not LOVE this? 

I know Rihanna would be a proud Mumma! 

SO...all very black at the moment and I am fully aware I am not attending a funeral, so lets JaZz this outfit up a little...

I HeArT gold jewellery!
Alice, one of my ReAlLy close friends, bought me a beautiful gold cross pendant necklace. It's one of my favourite pieces of jewellery, so on that goes...

Accessorize cross pendant 

My graffiti nails are still a little dark but hey ho it's an added print...

My non christmasy graffiti nails

I slip my feet into my wine coloured booties to add some colour...

Miss KG 'Fletcher' boots SALE £39
These boots actually do not look as red in real life, I personally would describe them as a 'wine' colour (or perhaps I've just got wine on the mind).

and away we go...

London here we come

Oh surprise, surprise it's raining!
 I will add my studded leather jacket to this look and I'll have a large umbrella to reduce the chance of looking like a complete drowned rat!  

Have a fabulous festive day everyone!


Product images taken from the stated brands website.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Pretty Poplin...

How I would love to be super cosy in bed right now attired in my Poplin jammies sipping on a nice Tetley's...lets hope Santa is feeling extra generous this year as I NEED the classic Iris PJs in my life. I don't want them, I need them! 

Look how cosy they look...



'Cosy and comfortable, the Iris is inspired by style icon Iris Apfel's joie de vivre. Designed for long weekend lie-ins and lazy brunches. Ideal as a gift and guaranteed to raise spirits'

OH I'm certain they will raise my spirits...I mean how could those pretty candy stripes not?

The 'Iris' style is priced at £100 (for the matching bottoms too) some of you may be thinking this is a tad pricey for nightwear but PJs last for years...plus they are 100% cotton!

You MUST check out Poplin's full collection HERE. It would be great to hear what style you would pick!

In the meantime I will leave you to admire a few beautiful images...

POPLIN 'Audrey' 100% silk PJs

POPLIN 'Marlene' short PJs

Feeling fresh after a good nights sleep

Feeling like the Queen in her Poplin PJs 

Night all, I'm off to sleep wearing an old tee with some fleecy leopard print PJ bottoms - which may I add, are definitely NOT raising my spirits!  


Images taken from Poplin's website.