Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas day treats...

Ok, so I think it's clear to say my 15 year old brother won the brat award this Christmas! He received the shiny new Iphone 5! In all honesty I think it's time he passes it over to me...what ever happened to hand me downs!! Surely he'd be happy with my 4GS?

Like that wasn't enough he also got a ticket to see Rihanna at Twickenham in June, dollars for his trip to New York next year, the list goes on! I can't believe he gets to experience New York before me, what am I doing so wrong?!

OH and more presents...

Ralph treats

BUT, I'll let him off, he is a cutie so he deserves to smell and look like a little Ralph Lauren model! Also it pays off having a fashionable bro...I forgot to purchase a Christmas Jumper so I've borrowed one of his cosy Fair Isle knits for the day (looks christmasy enough to me).

Fair Isle knit

Anyway, who am I to complain...look what I had waiting for me from SANTA! I obviously won him over last night with my festive brownies!!

A beautiful Burberry Gift! 
Burberry's gift wrapping is just too adorable. I therefore snapped away like I was some sort of paparazzi...

Thanks Mum & Dad x

My wrist is going to look so so pretty.

I'm in LOVE with my new bracelet.

My Sister did pretty well too, she now owns a beautiful pair of REGENT HUNTERS! The only thing missing is a dog! She has tried persuading Father by showing him Blake Lively's teddy dog...but unfortunately for her, he looked very unconvinced!  

If only I was a size 4!

I treated my sister to a christmas fishtail plait...

Fishtail plait

We've also got matching UGG slippers...my toes will never feel cold again!

Toasty toes...

And some very intellectual books...

My Babe Miranda...

In walks Nan with a cake box...my face lights up!

What is inside?!

For a second I thought I had a Boyfriend - 'To Kirst and Dan' the label read! I was then quick to remember I am still bofriendless and in actual fact the cake was for myself and my Sister's boyfriend. You might be thinking this is a little odd? All I was thinking was 'I know this is a scrumptious fruit cake'. My sister loathes fruit cake you see, so her loss really...

Christmas fruit cake!

Nan and John (my Grandad) understand my Dad's LOVE for fruit cake yet his weird dislike to marzipan and icing. Therefore they made him an icing free fruit cake...

When it comes to cake...my Nan can always cater for fussy eaters!

I instantly knew the cakes were overloaded with alcohol when my Grandad advised me to not eat and drive!!

Anyway... I need to get stuck into my Miranda Book and see how much more scrumptious food I can fit into this belly of mine! I think a post turkey dinner nap is also going to take place!

I wish you all a very MERRY Christmas and remember do NOT eat and drive after your Christmas fruit cakes...


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