Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Lets start with a brief introduction...

I LOVE capturing photographs so to sum myself up lets use some imagery! After all, who likes a boring intro? Pressure


"Do NOT trip Kirsty, I repeat do NOT trip"
November 19th 2012 I graduated from Solent University with a First Class Honours in BA Fashion With Photography – the long nights certainly paid off! I think I was actually more chuffed with the fact I managed to make it to the other side of the stage without stacking it rather than the degree itself! 

I am now applying the skills, knowledge and experiences that I acquired into the cRazY wOrLD oF FAshiON! Oh so exciting!! I shall explain in more depth in 2013, lets hope next year will be full of all things beautiful...

‘Do what you love, love what you do’
Trying my hardest to work the Harry Potter cloak...

Lets hope my wish comes true!

Saying I have a slight obsession with food is an understatement! I still haven’t figured out which I prefer; the food related dreams, the baking sessions, the instagramming part, or the actual indulging itself? Having said that, I’m now 99.9% certain that my last point is definitely my favourite! My latest craze is CAKEPOPS! I will show you a sneak peak of my beautiful little creations, however it would be rude if I didn’t treat you to an ENTIRE blog post on CAKEPOPS! I’m not sure about you, but my mouth is watering so swiftly moving on...

Kirsty's Kalorific Kakepops 

BeAuTiFuL SHoeS TaKe YOU to BEaUtiFuL PlAcEs...

I have worked for Kurt Geiger – Europe’s leading luxury shoe and accessory retailer for the past two and a half years. Sorry, there really was no need for the added description there. It's obvious Geiger = Luxury! I do spend the majority of my wages on shoes but I’m pretty sure I’m no different to any other KG girl?! (Pipe down to those of you who can resist the temptation).

Unwrap KG this Christmas

So I’m just an ordinary girl, I LOVE shoes, I LOVE fashion, I LOVE food, I LOVE working hard, I LOVE learning, I LOVE creativeness, I LOVE independence, I LOVE ideas, I LOVE photographs, I LOVE Britain.

On top of all the above LOVES my final point is that my family and friends mean the world to me.  I’m sure you will hear a lot about these precious people as they really are a BIG part of my life.

First blog post complete – Hope there wasn't too many yawns floating about! 
 Night all.


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