Saturday, 22 December 2012

Today I'm wearing...

So I'm off to LoNdOn today and I'm rather excited as I haven't visited since the end of October. Believe it or not I have strangely missed the sweaty, claustrophobic tubes! With Christmas approaching in just a couple of days I can only imagine I will be getting pushed and shoved like there is no tomorrow (last minute shoppers please go easy on me). 

So despite the fact it's Winter I've decided to wear minimal layers - an attempt to reduce the hot flushes on the tube! 

Therefore...a tee it is! 

ASOS Peace/Love printed tee £11
My recent purchase...what an absolute bargain! At just £11 I simply couldn't resist! I'm sure the words 'LOVE' and 'PEACE' will help brighten plenty of moods throughout my day - especially the tense last minute shoppers! 

I'm a sucker for leggings! My matte wetlook ones are so comfortable you will rarely see me leave the house without them glued to my legs (they do get washed, I promise). So back on the wetlooks go...

TOPSHOP Panelled Matte Wetlook Leggings £22

I'm also a sucker for hats. When you place a beautiful hat on your head I feel it completes your look perfectly. Now, I fell in love with a couple of hats on ASOS but I found it rather challenging only adding one to my basket. I decided not to be greedy and go for the first one which caught my eye. We all love a bit of leather don't we? So into the basket the leather went. I will admit this is not my usual type of hat and perhaps my Rihanna obsession has gone a little bit too far? 

ASOS Leather cap £24

The question 'Are you a Gangsta' is probably the most common right've got to trust me on this one, I'm not! I just LOVE leather, I LOVE hats so how could I not LOVE this? 

I know Rihanna would be a proud Mumma! 

SO...all very black at the moment and I am fully aware I am not attending a funeral, so lets JaZz this outfit up a little...

I HeArT gold jewellery!
Alice, one of my ReAlLy close friends, bought me a beautiful gold cross pendant necklace. It's one of my favourite pieces of jewellery, so on that goes...

Accessorize cross pendant 

My graffiti nails are still a little dark but hey ho it's an added print...

My non christmasy graffiti nails

I slip my feet into my wine coloured booties to add some colour...

Miss KG 'Fletcher' boots SALE £39
These boots actually do not look as red in real life, I personally would describe them as a 'wine' colour (or perhaps I've just got wine on the mind).

and away we go...

London here we come

Oh surprise, surprise it's raining!
 I will add my studded leather jacket to this look and I'll have a large umbrella to reduce the chance of looking like a complete drowned rat!  

Have a fabulous festive day everyone!


Product images taken from the stated brands website.

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