Sunday, 23 December 2012

A festive London trip...

We were feeling a little peckish on our journey to London so we decided that a pit stop was needed. Not for petrol, for BURGERS! This was such a wise decision, the burgers went down a storm! 

My Sister's blue cheese and onion ring burger
Burger cravings?? If so, I urge you to get yourself down to Pitcher and piano! The chunky chips were amazing too, I've been daydreaming about them ever since!

With burger bellies we were back on the road...

Arriving in London I was a little snap happy (as usual) so here I'll treat you to a few of my favourite photos...



Oh Harrods I do LOVE you!
SO pretty!
beautiful window displays...
Vogue house looking festive...

It was time to check into St.Pancras Renaissance hotel (I wish) to start getting ready for our night out. We went to JALOUSE club in Mayfair. They have the BEST ceiling...look how pretty it is...

Shine bright like a diamond.

Everyone deserves a drink at Christmas!

Aimee, I, Mandie

Aimee is one of my bestest friends so I'm sure she will be popping up in lots of my posts. She's just like a Sister to myself and Carrie (who is my actual Sister).

Carrie & Aimee - my beautiful sisters!

We had a FAB night in Jalouse, it was one of the best nights I've had in a long time! At 5am we were feeling a tad peckish (when do we not) so we headed to VQ in Chelsea. VQ is open 24 hours a if you happen to find yourself absolutely starving at crazy hours in the morning then this is the place to go!

The 24 hour life...

 Believe it or not Aimee and I resisted the burgers, we ordered the chicken club about a carbacide day!

And this wasn't even to share, this plate was all for ME!

To accompany the club sarnies...

 The others opted for spaghetti with meatballs. Baring in mind it was now 6am, this seemed like a very odd choice if you ask me!

Wine & dine

I wish I had room for the buttermilk pancakes however I decided sleep sounded like the right thing to do.

I had to pop to A&E this morning for a quick xray! I managed to get glass in my foot and the cankle was on another level! Luckily my poor little fat foot is all ok, I'm just praying this swelling goes down. It's really not a good look!

A quick Nandos to fill our bellies (like we needed more food) then we were back on the road home.

'Driving home for Christmas with a thousand memories'

Oh and I couldn't say no to a few festive snacks to keep me occupied on the journey...

Twinkle Twinkle little bars...


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