Thursday, 20 December 2012

Oh so hidden...

Photographs and words really do fascinate me. I'm one of those people who look into everything and for me, a photograph symbolises so many different things. Why is she looking over there? What is she looking at? Who is she waiting for? Where is she going? There are endless unanswered questions and this allows us to be imaginative, to decide on our own answers, to create a story that only we can see. 

Why am I blabbering on about photographs? Well, words fascinate me in the exact same way. If you look deep and beyond a sentence, a phrase, a word, there is so much more than you ever imagined. When you see Wardrobes.And.Recipes what do you see? Do you just see your messy old wardrobe with your Grandma's vintage recipe book, or have you searched beyond the words for hidden symbolism? 

Right, lets tell you why I decided on 'Wardrobes.And.Recipes' as my blog name; and believe me, it wasn't easy! 


Fascinating little things really, aren't they? Each day you open them up to discover all your beautiful and old clothes just staring at you waiting to be displayed to the world. I believe the contents inside a wardrobe represent the owner to a T! Clothes can not only allow a person to express themselves but they help to create a persons identity.

The reason for choosing the word 'Wardrobe' is because they store the key to being YOU. If you want to be adventurous and go wild you can. If you want to play safe and be subtle you can. If you want to be lazy and whack on your onsie you can

Be Bold. Be Subtle. Be YOU.

My life will be complete when I own a Carrie Bradshaw wardrobe.

50g of this, 100g of that...
Recipes are a little bit too precise for my liking. Is it just me or do you feel a tad bossed around when reading them? What I love doing is mixing and matching...I love being creative therefore in the kitchen I am known for going a little crazy. If I want to throw in some brazil nuts(even though they weren't stated on the recipe) then I will do! If I want to drown my cakes in icing (because my sweet tooth took control) then I will do! Basically what I'm trying to say is that recipes are only there for guidance...they get you started but you must add your own unique, tasty touch. 

Therefore in my eyes, wardrobes and recipes both symbolise individuality. They both allow you to express yourself in any way that you choose. Wear whatever you like, add whatever you fancy, just be unique, and more importantly enjoy being YOU. 

OH and obviously I'm a BIG (I repeat) BIG lover of clothes and food... 


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