Monday, 25 February 2013

A Girl's gotta do what a Girl's gotta do...

Our last Girly dinner evening was back in 2012...

The night was a success. We made homemade PIES (yes I know, such ladies)! We made slutty brownies (Thank you Rosie for the Recipe). We also made garlic bread; mozzarella wrapped in parma ham, mozzarella in breadcrumbs, cupcakes...OH you name it - we made it! 


I'm pretty sure you know where I'm going with this? YEP, It was time to dig out that Girly table cloth, invite the Girls round and eat the night away (with another Ladette meal of course). 


I strangely enough have minimal photos from the evening. Perhaps I was a tense hungry host? Or perhaps I just so kindly allowed my friends to eat their meals in peace for once?
Don't threat, I still took a few!

Running down the centre of the table we had plates of bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, mozzarella and fried onions. We each had a side dish to cram as many of our homemade (chinese seasoned) wedges into. We had our own stacking stick so we could be as greedy as we wanted with the toppings...


My Sister was on Burger duty...
(Literally mince mixed with egg whites, I never knew burgers were so simple!)

I'm not friends with red meat so I gave Nando's a run for their money and got stuck into a stacked chicken feast! mmmmmmmm.

My little Bro was on onion duty...
  (Apparently he's the best in town when it comes to frying onions!)

I made sure to capture his latest purchase in my photograph. My Sister and I have taught him well, he returned home from New York with a brand spanking new Michael Kors watch on his wrist. I wish I was as fashionable as him at 15 years old (I'm pretty sure I was still wearing my Pocahontas watch at 15). 

My sister makes it quite obvious that she despises my love affair with taking photos of food. However I ignored her daggers and rather speedily captured her stacking the stilton and (the very best) onions onto her burger!

Aimee, Sarah and Di all bought treats round for the slumber party after (whilst I tucked into my gluten free, wheat free, EVERYTHING FREE treats). I keep telling myself this specific diet is only for 8 weeks, however my symptoms have started to improve. Do NOT tell me I will be shopping in the 'Free From' (or should I say 'cardboard') isle for the rest of my life!

Aimee and I pretended it was Christmas and whacked out the Coffee Baileys like you do... 

Cheers to a great night Girls!

Obviously we couldn't leave 'BABY B' out! After finding out 'BABY B' is now a 'GIRL' we wanted to purchase her something beautiful and something pink...


These pretty matching Joules garments scream the word broody even to a Man!

Anyway until next time, cheerio my friends!

(All of the above images are my own.)

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Mulberry AW/13 show

I could not think of a good reason not to share these photographs with you. So, keep your eyes wide open and appreciate the English checks, mini meadow prints, exaggerated sleeves, metallic jacquard, leather gloves; and much much more! The AW/13 collection includes lots of dark tones - but at Mulberry it's certainly not dark and dingy.

Lots of cosy fur collars...

Lots of contrasting prints...

Lots of matching doggies...

I was thrilled to see an overdose of 'off white'. This look must be super challenging to keep 'clean n crisp' BUT so so worth it! Just pack a human size napkin in your Bayswater to ensure food does NOT get splattered all over your wonderfully white garms!(Or perhaps just detox for the day and drink juices from a straw?)

I'm also a big lover of the dusty, pastel pinks which crept into the collection rather nicely...

Wow, I nearly forgot to mention the splash of yellows and the dash of greens...


Why not indulge in the full collection yourself by watching the show HERE. You will even get to see our babe Cara D (after being up all night partying with Rihanna she still manages to look flawless).

If Miss Delevingne can't tempt you, then I'm not sure what can!

Now I will leave you with some backstage images as I feel these bring the collection to life SO much more. They also reveal added detail of the bags, which as you can see, do all the talking for themselves...

I hope you're in love with the British checks as much as I am?

Lots of Love, 

(All of the images have been taken from Mulberry's website which you can find HERE.)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Kurt Geiger Wedges

Let the wedges do the walking!

If you are looking for a statement wedge, then look no further. These Kurt Geiger wedges will have people drooling with envy. The eye popping colours together with the sport luxe approach will not only make you centre of attention BUT will ensure that you are faster than the rest (if you're a pro in 6 inch heels that is).

 Women, wear wedges and go wild - it's as simple as that!

I believe the moment you slip your toes into these striking shoes you will instantly feel like Wonder Woman! So revamp your house into a runway, pretend the high street is the red carpet; but more importantly, make Jessica Ennis proud by releasing your inner sporty Goddess! 
It's kind of obvious that the girl wearing the wonderful wedges will win the race, right?

Whether you are looking for a platform wedge, a trainer wedge, a espadrille wedge, or even a pretty pink wedge; then I insist you head over to because wedges with the WOW factor are waiting to be worn!

'This season, Kurt Geiger ditches formality for effortless elegance and casual glamour for the girl on the go'. 

Here, I present you with a selection of 
Kurt Geiger's finest wedges:

GO GIRL £180

GO GIRL - £180


RACE YOU - £220

(hhhhhmm I'm confident I'll win in these!)

GAMES - £195
GAMES - £195
DEUCE - £120
KEATES - £120
LIBERTY - £140
LYDIA - £110
ASH - £150

I would LOVE to know what your favourite pair is?

Anyway, after many traumatising visions of myself doing the 100m hurdles in the 'Race You' wedges, I've decided it's time for sleep! I suppose practise does make perfect? Any excuse for a new pair of shoes hey! 

Night all, 

(All of the above images have been taken from Kurt Geiger's website which you can find HERE.)

Monday, 11 February 2013

miu miu SS/13 ad campaign

One of my favourite Ad Campaigns for SS/13 has to be miu miu. Why? Well there are just endless justifications, here are some:

1. As you most probably know I am head over heels with 'pointy' court shoes and there is not one single 'round' court featured in this ad campaign! So yes, this may have won me over a little!

2. I love the contrast in textures which each and every photograph includes - they really help bring the campaign to life.

3. Do you agree that campaigns with more than one model in come across much more powerful? I believe that they have a greater impact. The beautiful Doutzen Kroes and Adriana Lima teamed up with Arizona Muse, Malgosia Bela and Bette Franke to fiercely compete for the sexiest Miu Miu model. I'll let you decide who you think should don the Miu Miu crown!

4. The different expressions, the emotions, the whispering, the tension, the hand gestures; they all make you feel like you want to know more. You want to know their secrets. You want to know why they look so concerned. 

I instantly wanted to become a miu miu girl when I saw this campaign for the first time - move over VS angels I want to be a MM masterpiece! 

Whether you are a blonde, brunette or a red head I guarantee you can connect with one of the models. It's strange, you feel so distant and uninvolved BUT so close and connected at the same time. Isn't it ODD what a few photographs can do to you?  

5. I love the fierce RED which is embraced throughout the campaign. Such a strong contrast to the models fragile expressions. Could this be portraying that girl power isn't so fierce as we once thought? Perhaps it is trying to convey that on the outside females seem so fearless and fierce when actually inside they really aren't. If this is the case, then don't be afraid to express the delicate side of you. Be weak, be fragile. It will only make you stronger. Remember, if a miu miu model is allowed to - then so are we!
(Yes, I get lost in photographs - many apologies!) 

6. The setting is a 10/10 kind of setting. It really helps enhance the high quality garments and the wood panelling helps to create some truly amazing compositions. 

7. A big yes to the gloves and a big yes to the geeky glasses! A big yes to pretty much everything really! 

Now it's time to see the ad campaign for yourself...

I'm not sure about you, but for me; the prints, the furs, the textures and the jewels all leaped out way beyond the photographs. I hope you experienced the same 3D kinda effect!

Why not check out miu miu's website HERE for everything miu miu!

Lots of miu miu loving, 

All of the above images have been taken from miu miu's website.