Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Scones Glorious Scones

If you LOVE scones then you are guaranteed to fall madly and deeply in love with these scrumptious ones! The good thing about them is that they are SO easy to make. However the bad thing about them is that they are SO easy to eat...before you know it you’ve already consumed way over your daily food intake! So be warned dieters - they ARE dangerous.

What you will need:

600g Self Raising Flour
2 tablespoons Icing sugar
60g Butter
375ml Milk
180ml Water


1. Blackberries & 1 Lemon 
2. Raspberries & Desiccated Coconut

1. Preheat oven to 200°c

2. Sift flour and icing sugar into a bowl then rub in the butter.

  3. You can now add in your flavours (e.g blackberries and lemon rind) or wait until the end if you’d prefer. I wanted to make two different flavoured scones so I felt it was easier to make the dough, divide it up, then add the flavours.

 4. Make a well in the centre of the flour mixture...

5. Pour in all of your milk and half of your water...

  6. Gradually add the remaining water and use a knife to ‘cut’ through the mixture.

 7. Add in your desired fruits and flavours (if you didn’t already at stage 3) and mix well. I used a whole packet of blackberries and the rind of one lemon.

8. Knead your dough on a floured surface until smooth and then to achieve neat looking scones divide the mixture up evenly and place in a 12-hole muffin tray.

9.  Bake for around 15 minutes (after 10 minutes of baking brush some beaten egg yolk over your scones if desired). 

10. Tuck in my girl...

A BURST of blackberries...

Scones glorious scones...

I certainly wasn't holding back and I got stuck right in...

Unfortunately there wasn't any clotted cream floating around in my fridge I therefore opted for butter topped with Strawberry Jam...

I don't mind that the blackberries sunk to the bottom however to prevent this from happening you can toss your blackberries in flour before adding!

Last time I made scones they were blueberry flavoured ones and I invited my best friend round for 'afternoon tea'. I highly recommend doing this as we had a delightful day. Present your scones on a cupcake stand, fill your favourite tea pot up, purchase a selection of jams/clotted cream and you are ready to GO! Whether it be for breakfast, lunch, or supper; I guarantee you and your best friend will NOT want the scones, the tea, or the day to come to an end. 

A very cosy and comforting scone feast... 

A blueberry scone, with a generous amount of clotted cream, finished with a layer of blackberry jam...my idea of heaven!

Along with the blackberry and lemon scones that I made today, I also baked some raspberry and coconut ones...

Which washed down very nicely with some raspberry jam...

Anyway I think I need a little post scone nap so I'm going to love you and leave you! Please bake some of these when you get a chance, even if you don't like scones (you strange person) then you MUST bake them for somebody you know that does! 

Lots of scone loving, 


  1. im making them now. just put them in the oven. the mixture seemed really wet! i hope they turn out!

  2. failed. mine didn't rise. good flavour though! i'll make them into a layered pudding.