Saturday, 23 March 2013

Peanut Butter & Nutella layer cake

A few weeks ago it was my Grandad’s birthday and I totally forgot to blog about the CAKE that I baked him! His love affair with peanut butter is worse than mine (only just). So can you guess what I baked him? That’s right, a PB cake weighing just short of 2 stone (slight exaggeration). I did have to laugh though when my Grandad said he put on 6lbs the week after his birthday! Oooops, no more cake for him! 

So anyway, this cake was in actual fact, get ready for it... a  nutella and peanut butter layer cake. I was inspired by this blog post: handbagsandcupcakes. I did however make a few alterations. I swapped the chocolate sponge layer for a second nutella layer and I swapped the choc icing for PB icing. Good swapsies? 
So my cake went a little bit like this (from top to bottom)

Peanut butter frosting decorated with M&M’s
Nutella sponge
Nutella spread
Peanut butter sponge
Nutella spread
Nutella sponge

It’s no surprise really that my Grandad broke his scales!

It certainly did feel like I was feeding the 5,000...

If you would like to bake this cake then HERE are the instructions (just be sure to make your desired swapsies). 

For my version, bake 2 x nutella sponges...

and 1 x peanut butter sponge...

Whip up some peanut butter icing. I should warn you now, this stuff is addictive! To cover the XXL cake I had to double the below ingredients - nothing worse than a stingy amount of icing is there?

Time for the colourful candy to come out to play...

and here you have it...

A gooey Peanut butter cake overloaded with Nutella and M&M's...

The two stoner cake was presented to Grandad John with his M&S voucher...

Gramps was a very happy Man and piled on the peanut butter pounds in style! 

My family LOVE PB (as do I) so if you have any recipes which you think I should try, pretty please send them my way!

Lots of Love, 

 (All of the above images are my own.)

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  1. yummie!! Here in Italy...Nutella is national food!
    WONDERFUL blog! if we don not yet you want to follow eachother?

    i WAIT FOR YOU SOON FOR A new gourmand easter post!!