Sunday, 31 March 2013

Egg-Cellent Eggs

So, my Brother and I got our bake on last night (as you do on a Saturday night). We now have our very own take on an ‘Egg-Cellent Egg’. We have endless easter eggs in our house so we felt it was time to spice things up a little! 

Prepare yourself for our DELISH combo…
OREOS with...
REESE'S peanut butter cups...
covered in yet more chocolate to create the fried egg shape!

These Egg-Cellent Eggs are super easy, cheap and fun to make! So, get your Reese's at the ready and let’s have some OREO fun…

What you need to participate in the fun:
(Definitely purchase the double cream Oreos if you can hunt them down.)

 Step 1: Remove the top biscuit from your OREO.

Step 2: Place on your Reese's peanut butter cup.

Step 3: Take your second Oreo, break the bottom off and place on top of your PB cup.

Step 4: It's the fun part...get dunking!

Step 5: Place on a baking sheet and cover in more chocolate to create your splattered EGG look!

Step 6: Once dry peel them away from the baking sheet (cut where they have stuck together). 

Step 7: There you have it, your Egg-Cellent Egg!

Step 8: Cut open and enjoy (this is one we did without the chocolate fried egg look).

You will have lots of Oreo plain biscuits left (if you haven't munched away on them).

So, get some frosting and don't let these go to waste!

I'm sure they will be equally as yum!

Happy Easter everyone!
Have a lovely day cramming your bellies with chocolate and have fun if you decide to make these cute little Egg-Cellent eggies!

Lots of love,  



(All of the above images are my own.)

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