Thursday, 24 January 2013

Trago Lounge

Do you ever find yourself wondering why on earth does Starbucks not open until midnight?  I definitely DO!

On these ARTIC nights I find myself just needing cosy coffee places to be open after work hours. I’m not asking for too much am I? Well apparently so! When you live in Southampton you should NOT be asking for such thing! Unlike London, Southampton apparently does need sleep. However I was determined to not let this get in the way of myself and a late night pot of tea.

You will be pleased to know my best friend and I found a lovely tranquil cafe/bar in Portswood last night - Trago Lounge. The sofas were SO inviting and extremely snug! From the minute I sunk into the sofa I knew this place was going to become a regular. I was so content - the only thing I was missing was my snuggie (perhaps I’ll bring this next time). Having said that, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you were offered a blanket upon arrival? A hot water bottle and some slippers wouldn’t go a miss either! Anyway, enough side tracking, my best friend (Steph) and I had a FAB evening. You see, Steph has been superglued to her desk the past few months, damn her Masters degree for kidnapping her from me! So, with a few exams down we decided a massive catch up combined with calories was long over due.

It's Instagram O'clock...

Now can you understand why I felt so snuggled?

My dietician advised me to start introducing fish back into my diet, so what a perfect way to start it off...

Fish finger sarnie 

She also advised me to NOT eat chips, apparently the skins are hard for me to digest BUT I must have somehow 'accidentally' forgot about this! I promise from this day forward no more CHIPS!
No more chips Kirsty. I repeat NO more chips.

Steph had the pulled pork panini which I think was delish as she actually stopped shouting talking (this rarely happens by the way). 

You can check the menu out HERE. As you can see it isn't fine dining, it's all about the comfort eating. I'm going to be honest with you we even ate ours from our laps and the great thing is nobody judged. It really is like your Nan's cosy lounge (well only if you manage to bag yourself a sofa). 

Now comes the pot of tea...


oh and obviously we NEEDED puddings...

I indulged in the warm chocolate brownie with ice cream, thankfully chocolate is still on my 'allowed' list! Phewwwwww!

Whilst Steph opted for the sticky toffee pudding...

Feeling all warm inside from our 'T & Puds' we chatted away until realising the place was now practically empty - it was sadly time for us to depart. After all, we've got to remember we don't live in the city that never sleeps!

If like us, you LOVE cosy late night cuppas then check out their website HERE. If you pay them a visit I really do hope you manage to get your paws on a sofa - I advise you to wait at the bar until you do! 

So what did I wear?
I've been meaning to pop to Grandads to collect his tripod as I really want to start including outfit photos in my posts. I can then start using my SLR, however until then I leave you with a shabby Iphone pic... 

I'm really NOT a fan of 'selfies' but fingers crossed one day I will get more confidence. 

So, I wore my new TOPSHOP treggings...

Flock grid ponte treggings - £28.
Click HERE for more info.

I paired the treggings with my little black Radley boots, my sister's black bomber jacket with contrasting panels, my Topshop cross ring and my Michael Kors watch.

Present time...

With more exams and a HEFTY dissertation still to complete I felt like this was the perfect little gift for Steph...


Anyway, I had a great evening as you can see and I definitely will be returning. Hhhhmmm I wonder if they allow reservations for the sofas? I'm not too sure I could settle for a normal chair after this relaxing experience!

Have a great day, 




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