Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Feed your imagination

If like myself you are completely and utterly drained from the January diet talks, then this post is definitely one for you! From here onwards it's all about the chocolate talk! 
Forget the lettuce, forget the green tea, and forget the gym. 

I mean I'm NOT trying to promote obesity but please do me a favour and just EAT the chocolate bar if that's what your body is craving (in moderation of course). 

We only live ONCE.
Tomorrow is a mystery and we simply don't know what could spring upon us. 

Life is TOO short to worry about calories and lbs so let your taste buds run free and embrace your inner chocolate goddess!!! 

Today at work my beautiful friend Libby put a massive smile on my face. Can you guess why? Yep, she bought in lots of chocolate for me!
All purchased from the amazing 'Hardy's Original Sweet Shop'

I HAVE to show you these yummy treats as I feel like an excitable little child who has just been told she is off to Disneyland (come on, chocolate is equally as exciting). 

Starting with some HEAVENLY HERSHEY'S...

Like one wasn't enough...


Cookies 'n' Chocolate = MY FAV!

Actually, I take that back. I can't choose a favourite! Look at this Roaring Rocky Road slab...

I can't wait to rip this beast open! Apparently 'Gnaw' have 28 flavours to choose from - OH MY! I have therefore decided that one of my aims for 2013 is to get my teeth on the remaining 27.
An aim full of flavour! 

Next, I present you with the 'Continental milk chocolate with Honeycomb crunch'...

The packaging says it all... 

'Deliciously Different'

I definitely can't see myself disagreeing!

Libby didn't stop there! She treated her chocoholic friend to some Butterfinger Bites which are apparently 'EASY TO EAT'.
I wonder how many seconds minutes these will last me! One thing I do know is that they definitely won't be difficult to eat!

To break up the chocolate taste I've also got some NERDS to munch on. Willy Wonka once said: 'You've got to feed your imagination' and I 100% agree. 
Such wise words from Mr Wonka!

As you can see I've got an AMAZING friend who understands that chocolate has to be eaten in style. 

If you TOO want to join in on the fun (I don't blame you) then I insist you get yourself down to a Hardy's sweet shop. There are lots in London but do have a quick search to see where your nearest one is as they are expanding! Hardy's are famous for their vintage sweets from the traditional jars (hence why I have displayed my goodies on a vintage ornament). 

Follow their twitter page HERE as it's looking a little lonely and I believe it should have 100,000 followers (if not more).   

Anyway, I better dash, I've got chocolate to eat and tea to drink!

Thanks Libs (or should I say Mrs Wonka) I couldn't wish for a better work buddy! You've made my Tuesday a tremendous day and I can't wait to suffer a sugar rush the Hardy's way!


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