Saturday, 5 January 2013

'So Stepford'

I was browsing through my photos on my Mac last night; not only did it alarm me of how many photos I hoard, but it also made me want to share a few of them with you. As I have only recently started blogging I have missed out on a thousand blog opportunities, therefore I think it's only right that I squeeze in a few 'ancient' blogs! 

Lets start with a university project... 

The main part of the brief involved choosing a fashion brand and creating a new advertising campaign. We had to research Film Noir and Alfred Hitchcock for inspiration, however I liked how we had the freedom to choose any other film which inspired us. 

The brand I selected: Kurt Geiger

The film I was inspired by: The Stepford Wives 


Image taken from HERE

Possible props...

and here are some of my final magazine spreads...

I shoot these photographs in my Nan's garden. She loved helping me prep and it was like I had my very own Stepford Wife assisting me! 

 When we were gasping for a cuppa my Stepford Wife Nan got the kettle straight on and filled the teapot up!  

The legs belong to my Mother...fingers crossed I have inherited her 'leg genes' so I TOO can have legs like this in my forties!

Looking back at my photographs, I just wish at the time I had a larger collection of KG shoes to play around with. After all, Kurt Geiger is a shoe retailer and the grey pair I have used are a tad dull (not my idea of attention grabbing). Perhaps it's time I borrow my Mothers legs again, ask my Nan if she is up for some more assistant work, and re shoot using my updated collection of KG shoes!

If you haven't already spent all of your pennies in the January sales, then I insist you check out the Kurt Geiger sale HERE

Cure those January blues in style!

 Anyway it's time I head to the kitchen and start baking!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


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